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Welcome to Cheshire Firewood!


We are a family-run business, involved in farming and forestry for over 60 years, on the same farm near Chester and Ellesmere Port, in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Recently we have been able to sell firewood in Cheshire, delivering dried, seasoned logs to householders throughout the county. We also supply tradespeople, pubs and hotels, B&B owners, and any business needing to supply a log fire with the fuel it needs to keep burning efficiently. 






Quality wood for your stove or fireplace

We supply a range of dried woods, both hard and soft wood, dried, seasoned, air-dried, or kiln dried. As of 2022, only dried or seasoned wood is permitted to be burned in log burning stoves, to prevent air pollution and improve efficiency in burning. All our wood is dried and seasoned, enabling you to meet regulations. We supply dried, seasoned firewood in Cheshire, so you can enjoy your wood burning fire for the coming years and decades!

Types of firewood available:

  • Hard wood or soft wood
  • Air dried wood
  • Kiln dried wood

Seasoned firewood is wood, which having been chopped, is stacked in a dry, ventilated space for more than three months, ideally in sunshine and away from moisture. This is intended to reduce the moisture content of the wood to below 20%, at which point they can be used in wood-burning stoves. The drier the wood is, the better it burns, and the less smoke it emits, hence the new regulations concerning wood burning.

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Who we supply

  • Domestic fireplace owners
  • Pubs and bars with wood-burning stoves
  • Restaurants with wood-burning fireplaces
  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Tradespeople

Full delivery available throughout Cheshire

We can arrange delivery of firewood to your doorstep, wherever you are in the county. Just contact us to place your order, and your delivery will be included in the price. You can also come to us directly to arrange pickup, and our helpful team will help you load your vehicle. We supply firewood in Cheshire to a wide variety of people.

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