Seasoned Wood For Sale In Cheshire

Whether you are looking for long-burning hardwood, or kiln-dried softwood, you can count on us to deliver. We have a wide choice of seasoned wood for sale in Cheshire. We have a range of bulk buying options available too, enabling you to save money on fuel, and stock up in advance, if you have the storage available. Contact us for more information or to arrange delivery.






Photo of pile of air dried wood.

Air dried

Of our seasoned wood for sale in Cheshire, this is our cheapest, and most cost-effective. All our air dried wood is kept in a well-ventilated barn and seasoned until it is ready and legal for wood burning stoves.

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Season wood


This is naturally dried wood, left in the sun for at least a season, so that it is almost entirely free of moisture. All our seasoned logs are left in a sunny area, where the wind can naturally dry the wood until it is ready.

1 builder bag - £45

1 builder bag - £60 (ash hardwood)

Photo of pile of kiln dried wood.


Firewood seasoned in a kiln has the lowest moisture content of all, and is the best option for people living in crowded neighbourhoods, or for pubs and restaurants, where fumes should be kept to a minimum.

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Photo of pile of softwood.

Soft wood

For those new to wood, soft wood is any wood harvested from evergreen trees. These trees, such as spruce and pine and fir, grow much more quickly, making for highly efficient plantations for generating wood fuel. 

Softwood produces a pleasing flame, and burns quickly, so a greater volume is needed to produce heat than for hardwood. It does however make excellent kindling.

1 builder bag - £45

Photo of pile of Hardwood.


This wood is typically harvested from deciduous trees, which have lived for a long time. Usually this wood is not farmed, but obtained through forestry management, or from trees felled in gardens or that have toppled in a storm.

Our hardwood is typically oak, birch, and beech wood, which makes for superb, long-burning logs, with very little smoke. Other sought after types are ash, hazel, hawthorn, and most fruit trees.

1 builder bag - £60 (ash hardwood)



All our wood is legally obtained, from sustainable forests and plantations in England and Wales. As well as our seasoned wood for sale in Cheshire, we also sell animal bedding, straw and hay. Get in contact with us to enquire and order. Price is calculated by volume rather than weight, and delivery is calculated within your order.


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